U.G.C exam guidelines 2020
  • According to the court order, released the U.G.C exam guidelines 2020.
  • The Supreme court finally released the order that the universities can not promote to final year students. The court also said that the states can postpone the examination after consulting to U.GC.
  • States can hold the exam as per U.G.C guidelines. Which state can not hold the exam till 30 September have to inform the U.G.C

U.G.C Exam Guidelines 2020


  • In last week, the Supreme Court postponed the exam due to coronavirus and may students exposed from coronavirus.
  • Notably, the students have been protesting against U.G.C conducting the postponed exam. The students want the exam to be cancelled and the exam is done when the situation is normal.
  • According to U.G.C guidelines, Every examination centre will arrange masks and sanitizers.
  • Social distancing must be followed in the seating arrangement.

University grant commission(U.G.C)

 U.G.C came into existence on 28 December 1953 and became a statutory organization of the Government of India. It provides the recognised universities and colleges. 

Without a recognised university can not provide a degree. It has a quarter in New Delhi and has six regional centres. The U.G.C  model has come from the University of grant commission of the U.K which was the advisory of the British Government.

In this season, U.G.C was not permitted to take the exam during covid19 pandemic but it launched the online programme for study.