Polluted elements like Hg, Pb, and radioactive elements are responsible for water pollution. The factory released these pollutants. This pollution is polluted by rivers and ponds. This is very harmful to health because these elements create different types of diseases in our body and the plants and crops are badly affected by this element. So we can say that the Effect of soil and water pollution is very harmful to humans. 

soil and water pollution

Soil Pollution

Soil pollution is a curse for humanity because this type of pollution destroys the crop. In this type of pollution, increases the acidity in the soil. Hg and Pb are responsible for humorless soil. Radioactive elements are most dangerous for soil. When the radioactive element reacts to the soil, it ends the productivity of the soil.



For the protection of the environment, we should use limited facilities of nonrenewal resources and arrange good management for atomic reactors. We have to make people aware of the environment. 

Other than this, We have restrictions on Jhoom cropping. We should grow the maximum number of plants. The plants manage the monsoon cycle of the environment and play a great role in Nature. The plants make the balance of Nature. 

Humans are totally dependent upon plants and agriculture. Today, the world economy is based on agriculture and Natural property. So, We should protect natural property.