Indian Education system

The present time education system is based on the British education system. The Indian education system of the past time was dependent on Indian culture but time to time many emperors came to India spreads our education system.  The Indian education system is the oldest system of education.

Many religious people live in India so many types of education systems are applied in our country but vaidik education system a the basement of our education system. In 1500 BC, education was provided in Gurukul, called the Gurukul education system. This system is most popular at this time.

In this time the vocal education is most popular, teachers to give knowledge through spoken and students was give respect to his teachers. After this, the muslim enters our country, they promote to muslim education system. Muslim emperor is built Makabara. These are the hub of education. After this, English missionaries are entered in India for spreading religious and education.  We discuss some facts about the British education system. 

Indian Education system

Charter Act of 1813

Charter Act of 1813 is passed by the British parliament renewed the East India company after twenty years. According to this Act, the company spend the Rs.100000 on the western education system and Indian education system but not defined this process.

By this charter, they want to promote the western education system. Due to which, eastern and western controversy is stood. After this, 31000 rupees will be spent separately on the Indian education system to solve it.

Charter 1935 of Lord Macaulay

Lord Macaulay, A law member of the Viceroys’ Executive arrived in India on June 10, 1934. He was appointed by the General committee by public instruction. In those days, William Bentinck was a Governer General of India. He was supported by the British education system. He was a supporter of the English language. Macaulay says that “All Indian knowledge consists of one cupboard safe of  British”.

Macaulay was reported to Governer about charter in 1935. In the charter,He was fully supported by the English language. He despised Hindi literature and knowledge.

Filtration Theory Of Macaulay 

Macaulay was supported in his education policy that we had should give education to the higher class. According to Macaulay, He wants that education flow higher to lower class people. This theory of Macaulay is called the “downward theory of filtration”.

He wants the Indians to be mentally British and bodily Indians. After all the conclusion, we can say that the modern education system depends on the Macaulay system because the modern education system has depended on the English language.

After the Macaulay, many commissions came to India but we can not ignore the positive way of this education. Today the business language is English.