Government Education Scheme

As we know education is a prime step in a developed country. so it’s important that Government Education Scheme should be updated.  So as well as every country or either we can say that on a minimum level the states too needs to organize their education in a fair way. So they plan some schemes according to their global needs and also according to their society.So our Indian government also desgin some criteria for a transparent output in Government Education Scheme.

        So Indian government makes a ministry, which was nGovernment Entrance Examamed (MHRD) Ministry of human resource development.In 2020 its replace by Ministry of education (MOE)which duty is to improvise the quality of education and get to know the needs of society .MHRD was developed in 1984 during Mr.Rajiv Gandhi ministry . MHRD developed many schemes related to the education fields.


Schemes by the Government

Government divided education in three departments.

  1. Primery education

2.Secondary education

3.Elementary education


     According to these areas the government developed many schemes. Some related schemes of primary to secondary education are following:-

  • National policy of education (NPE) 1986 and 2020
  • Right to education (RTE) 2009
  • Kothari commission 1964
  • Sarva shiksha abhiyan 2001-2002
  • Kasturba gandhi balika vidyalaya 2004
  • Saakshar bharat 2001.etc

Objectives of ministry about Government Education scheme 

  1. Formulation in National policy of education and their implements letter and spirit.
  2. Planning of development of quality of education.
  3. Take those people on the front who are backwards ,poor,disabled and those people who are not able to get education easily.
  4. Provide economical support with the help of scholarship subsidy to the deserving students.
  5. Work with UNESCO on a global level to get the best opportunities for our country.


     MHRD has rights as the first and strongest base of government scheme related education . And  MHRD  which is now known as MOE means ministry of education is controlled by the education minister of india. As example in this time Mr. Ramesh pokhriyal is now education minister of india so on this time MHRD is controlled by him.